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René Kostka

Professional Body Psychotherapists Working areas, trainings, further educations: 1972-1976 – studying psychology at the University of Keele (UK) 1981-1983 – Bioenergetics in Ian Ratcliffe... Read more

Christoph Kahse

Born in 1969, married, has three children. He has been practicing as a psychotherapist in Oberpfaffenhofen since 2010.  Topic 2016: Kahse will present his project: “The forbidden... Read more

Friederike Meckel, M.D.

Born in Germany in 1947, she lived in the United States from 1970 to 1974. In Germany, she trained as a nurse (1975–1978) and went to medical school (1979–1986). Dr Meckel is specialized in... Read more

Peter Gasser

Born in 1960, married, three children. He works as a medical doctor in his private clinic in Solothurn. He has trained in psychodynamic therapy approaches, with a particular focus on bioenergetic... Read more

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