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Luc Sala

Ir.Luc Sala n.i. studied physics and business, but is mostly a media-entrepreneur and writer, with many books around themes like ritual, magic, psychedelics, festivals and the nature of... Read more

the current human dilemma

Max Igan: is an author, researcher, film maker and radio host from the Northern River Region in Australia who has fast grown to become a prominant and important voice in the global alternate media.... Read more

Mathias Bröckers

born 26. June 1954 in Limburg an der Lahn. Is a free journalist, writing mainly for the German alternative newspaper taz and online magazine Telepolis. Became well-known through his text books in... Read more

Daniel Kulla

Born in 1977, in Blankenburg (Harz). He is now living in Berlin. He is a writer, translator, editor and musician. Under his initiative, he had gathered authors to design literary remix projects,... Read more

Hans Cousto

works as a freelance scientist in the fields of harmony, music and vibration theory. He is also a non-fiction author and has published a variety of books on musical harmony and entheogen-related... Read more

Tilmann Holzer

 has published, amonst other things, two books on the hisory of drug policy and has been politically and professionally active in the field of drug policies for the last 2 years. He has worked for... Read more

Max Plenert

Maximilian Plenert engagiert sich seit mehr als 10 Jahren ehrenamtlich im Bereich Drogenpolitik, u.a. im Bundesvorstand der Grünen Jugend und innerhalb der Grünen. Er ist Mitglied im Bundesvorstand... Read more

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