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the current human dilemma

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max-igan-150Max Igan:
is an author, researcher, film maker and radio host from the Northern River Region in Australia who has fast grown to become a prominant and important voice in the global alternate media. Since making his first film and beginning to speak publicly and on radio in 2008, his calm but brutally honest demeanor has managed to awaken large numbers of people to the realities of the modern elitist system and the very real danger in poses to human freedom. To date hehas made six films, including The Calling, The Awakening and Trance-Formation. Each film has been aimed at providing not only information to the audience, but also empowerment and paths towards solutions. All have been very well received. He is currently working on a seventh.

Max Igan’s common sense, solution based approach to the current human dilemma provides a balance and perspective that is much needed in addressing the global situation. His weekly show, Surviving the Matrix has attracted a massive audience since its inception in late 2008. His website TheCrowhouse.com contains a wealth of information, including extensive radio and literary archives, and his films, all of which are available for free.



Wulf Mirko Weinreich

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Weinreich-150Born in 1959. After finishing his GDR A-level, he worked in different jobs because the government forbade him to study for political reasons. In 1985, he founded an illegal self-awareness and meditation center in Leipzig. After the reunification of Germany, he studied psychology (degree Dipl.-Psych.), religious studies, anthropology and Chinese studies. As a therapist, he works primarily with interventions involving humanistic, systemic and transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual methods. In 2005, his book “Integral psychotherapy” has been published.

Practical work: www.psychotherapie-in-leipzig.de
Theory: www.integrale-psychotherapie.de


Daniel Kulla

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Born in 1977, in Blankenburg (Harz). He is now living in Berlin. He is a writer, translator, editor and musician. Under his initiative, he had gathered authors to design literary remix projects, which he initially self-published until he became an editor and author at “Werner Pieper”. Kulla wrote the biography of the CCC co-founder Wau Holland “Der Phasenprüfer”.

In 2000, he was the chief editor of the Saxon youth magazine SPIESSER. He occasionally writes articles for the weekly newspaper “Jungle World” and co-wrote a book about the Berlin electro-punk band “Egotronic” together with their singer Torsun. He also gives lectures and readings on the topics “dissolve of conspiracy theories” (“Entschwörungstheorie”), “The coming revolution” (“Der kommende Aufstand”) and “Intoxicated life. Evolution, history and revolution” (“Leben im Rausch. Evolution, Geschichte, Aufstand., Löhrbach 2012) (free translation of titles).



Tilmann Holzer

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tillmann.holzer-150 has published, amonst other things, two books on the hisory of drug policy and has been politically and professionally active in the field of drug policies for the last 2 years. He has worked for Dr. Harald Terpe, member of the German Bundestag, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen (The Germany Green Party).  Topic:  “The fear of intoxication – the way drugs are dealt with in Germany”.

PDF available here :  Holzer-Tilmann

Globalisierte Drogenpolitik–Holzer-Tilmann