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Friederike Meckel, M.D.

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friederike-meckel-150Born in Germany in 1947, she lived in the United States from 1970 to 1974. In Germany, she trained as a nurse (1975–1978) and went to medical school (1979–1986). Dr Meckel is specialized in industrial medicine and psychotherapy. She worked in industry as a company doctor and she was an assistant medical director in a clinic for executive addicts.

Dr Meckel trained as a holotropic breathwork facilitator with Stan Grof, with certification given in 1991. She also trained in psycholytic therapy with Samuel Widmer (1992–1995). She has been a self‐employed psychotherapist since 1997 and runs holotropic breathwork and systemic family constellation workshops. For some years, she also gave psycholytic workshops.

For a period of about 10 years, Dr Meckel worked with approximately 100 underground persons who were using MDMA, LSD, 2C-B and psilocybin for psychointegrative healing work. She was then betrayed by a client, arrested, put under trial and ultimately sentenced of violating the Narcotics Act in 2010 – not her client, however, who, paradoxically, allowed Dr Meckel to openly speak about her experiences and findings.

Dr Meckel is married and has her residence in Zurich, Switzerland. She has three children from a previous marriage.

Topic: “Therapy with substance – psycholytic psychotherapy in the twenty-first century”

The practical use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of people who are resistant to normal psychotherapy.

Psychedelic drugs were routinely used in clinical research and psychotherapy until the 1960s. Since then, they have been illegal except for a short period in the 1990s in Switzerland. During this window of opportunity, Dr Fischer began using psychedelics to assist the progress of those of her patients who were “stuck.” This book is a description of her use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy: the group’s work, the technical approach, the substances themselves and how to work with them. There is a special focus on the preparation of the mindset, the setting and the integration as these are the most important determinants of good outcomes. This is a unique account and the definitive guide for the new generation of psychedelic psychotherapists.

some more about  Friederike Meckel – here talk 2015 at  breakingconvention





Peter Gasser

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Born in 1960, married, three children. He works as a medical doctor in his private clinic in Solothurn. He has trained in psychodynamic therapy approaches, with a particular focus on bioenergetic analysis and therapy, as well as in psycholytic psychotherapy (therapy using consciousness-altering substances). Member of the Swiss doctor’s association for psycholytic therapy (Schweiz. Ärztegesellschaft für Psycholytische Therapie; SÄPT), of which he has been president since 1996. He was the head of the first psychotherapeutic LSD-study after 35 years (from 2008 until 2011).

Presentation: “Exploration of consciousness-altering substances for psychotherapeutic purposes”

A rich talk on the use of LSD in a psychotherapeutic context, mapping out the significance of the immediate intrasubjective experience of the individual, that is: their sensual, emotional and cognitive experience. Gasser will also report on the history, implementation and results of the double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot study he conducted on the effects of LSD for people with anxiety who were facing advanced life-threatening illness (“LSD – unterstützte Psychotherapie bei Personen mit Angstsymptomatik in Verbindung mit fortgeschrittenen lebensbedrohenden Erkrankungen. Eine doppelblinde, plazebokontrollierte Phase-II Dosis-Wirkungs-Pilotstudie”).


Presse und Medien

SWR Odysse vom 27.1.2011

Drogen Comeback in der Medizin – Hanf (Cannabis, Marihuana) und LSD – SWR – Odysso

Published on Aug 25, 2013


LSD-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Secondary to Life Threatening Illness

Abstract: Over time, it has become clear that LSD does not fit in the usual paradigm of psychiatric medicines but rather is a kind of catalyst of psychological processes. This altering of mind facilitates personal regressive experiences with emotional and cognitive insights in biographic material as well as deep encounters with the personal self or transpersonal openings into mystical or spiritual experiences. Further factors that are important are the creating of a trusting relationship with the therapist(s) and the ego-strengthening experience of overcoming anxiety and fear of loss of control when facing the unknown. In 2007, after a 35-year breakdown of research and therapy using mind-manifesting drugs, Dr Gasser obtained approval for a MAPS-sponsored pilot study of LSD-assisted psychotherapy in persons suffering from anxiety associated with advanced-stage life-threatening diseases. This presentation, which is taking place exactly on the 70th anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s discovery, will report on the approval, conduct, and results of this historic project.


Interview mit Peter Gasser vom Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012:

Über Jahrzehnte war die Forschung mit halluzinogenen Drogen ein Tabu. Inzwischen gibt es weltweit einige wenige Forscher, die erneut die Spur der Halluzinogene aufgenommen haben und neue Erkenntnisse gewonnen haben. Gert Scobel diskutiert mit seinen Gästen über die Chancen und Risiken dieses Forschungszweigs…
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