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Ulrich Meyerratken

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ulrich-meyerratken-150 is a biologist, ritual leader, meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, writer, and musician. He has been guiding people through experiences with ayahuasca since 1987. His transcultural, integrative approach combines nature, science, eastern wisdom and shamanic healing. He sees himself as a space-holder for positive change and learning with ayahuasca. Through his work, he got to know the people with which he has founded his nonprofit ecological and spiritual project SoLuNaYa in Brazil. Since then, he has been guiding 14-day processes of wholesome encounters with ayahuasca in beautiful nature. 

Author of the book: “Daime. Brasiliens Kult der heilenden Kraftpflanzen.”



Non-psychedelic Entheogens: Kambô, Rapé, Sananga and other Indigenous Medicines

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 kalliopi-tavoulari-150The word ‘Enthoegen’ is commonly used to describe a medicine that generates the divine within and often associated with substances that produce altered states of consciousness during sacred ceremonies or rituals.  Frequently these indigenous rituals are accompanied with other plant substances and derivatives that facilitate these ceremonies.
Contrary to popular belief some of the most potent and traditional substances, although entheogenic in their own fashion, do not lead to a psychedelic experience, rather they are healer plants that promote the wellbeing of both body and soul and result in a feeling of deep connection with the Earth and the Elements surrounding us, they are also powerful plant derivatives with extraordinary conventional medicinal potential.

In the talk that will follow we will investigate some of the better known auxiliary entheogens such as  Rapé the Sacred Snuff,  Kambô the magic Frog Medicine and Sananga the ‘Eye Opener’.


Margrit Jütte

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Margrit-juette-150Ethnologist, M.A./ author/facilitator for deep imagination (Personal Totem Pole Process; PTPP©)  She spent many years in Colombia, where she, amongst other things, explored Ayahuasca rituals within indigenous contexts. Currently she is working on a dissertation about the shamanistic practices of the Cofan people (with whom she lived for more than a year) and the increased popularity of their practices in the western world. She lives near Leipzig together with her daughter and, as a freelancer, guides people through inner journeys of deep imagination.