Kalliopi Tavoulari

kalliopi-tavoulari-150is a Specialist Biomedical Scientist, she is also the Committee Secretary to the London Cellular Pathology Discussion Group. She currently works at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich London but has expansive experience in the field of biological studies. She was born and raised in Australia and has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences as well as a relative Postgraduate degree in Transplantation and Transfusion Sciences.  She is currently completing her second Postgraduate Degree in Genetics and Cellular Pathology.

For many years she was a volunteer in the Disaster Response and Preparedness Team of the Red Cross and has traveled the world with many stories to tell. She has also followed various indigenous tribes across the South Americas and has a keen interest in ethnobotany, alternative medicines and entheogens. Kalliopi’s dream is to one day see the world free of suffering and war.

Topic 2014 :
Non-psychedelic Entheogens:  Kambô,  Rapé, Sananga and other Indigenous Medicines
The word ‘Enthoegen’ is commonly used to describe a medicine that generates the divine within and often associated with substances that produce altered states of consciousness during sacred ceremonies or rituals.  Frequently these indigenous rituals are accompanied with other plant substances and derivatives that facilitate these ceremonies.
Contrary to popular belief some of the most potent and traditional substances, although entheogenic in their own fashion, do not lead to a psychedelic experience, rather they are healer plants that promote the wellbeing of both body and soul and result in a feeling of deep connection with the Earth and the Elements surrounding us, they are also powerful plant derivatives with extraordinary conventional medicinal potential.

In the talk that will follow we will investigate some of the better known auxiliary entheogens such as  Rapé the Sacred Snuff,  Kambô the magic Frog Medicine and Sananga the ‘Eye Opener’.

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