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How do I apply for a talk?

sent by email :


Length and style see our website.

How do I know that my enrollment is confirmed and how can I find it out?

If your picture Bio appears     here    ( all people 2012 / 2014 / 2016 )  :  we are still in negotiation and clarification.

If your picture / Bio speakers appears  under   speaker 2016  , your enrollment is confirmed.

What is the payment for a speaker?

There are quite different ideas. Therefore, we have looked around at some other congresses. The range goes from: the speaker offers a product which we resells. We do an elaborate valuable PR work for the speaker. We offer the following deal: the speaker gives us his travel expenses and apply his talk for presentation. Flights within Europe are negotiable, flights for speakers from the United States or other parts of the world we can’t pay. During the last years, mostly the nonGerman speakers were already in Europe and we found a way. 

The Entheo-Science is conducted as a nonprofit organization. All inputs and outputs are made transparent. The organisers are volunteers.
Speakers receive an honorarium, which excess is dependent on our revenue / expenditure in height. Half of the profit will be used for the organization of the next Entheo-Science congress, and the other half is distributed as a fee to all speakers.
In 2014, we could share 2.120, – € to the speakers. Not much, but the 2016’s venue has a capacity of 150 participants more than the 2014’s. With your support we may be able to pay an appropriate compensation soon.

check also “Will Entheo-Science pay my travel costs?” for further informations.

Will Entheo-Science pay my travel costs?

Travel costs, must be agreed beforehand because our resources are quite limited.
+++ Flight, bus and train tickets are booked in principle by the speakers +++
Please, send the invoices of the travel costs 4 weeks before the congress.
(Should a speaker not have a tax number and are not able to write bills, so we (One Taste UG) must book tickets. Please, discuss this with the organisation.)

Invoice to:

One Taste UG
Gauernitzer Strasse 6
01665 Klipphausen

Incl. vat no.
bank account  data  /   or paypal  mail ID    /    or Bitcoin account

Do I get support in finding an accommodation?

We can’t pay hotel rooms for 35 people. But we will find a solution for all needs!
If it is ok for you to couch-surf in an appartment of an Entheo-Science team member, please let us know.
update 06 2016 : The Essentis Hotel – our locations – all 64 rooms are now booked from guests and speakers.

Is it a bilingual congress?

We try to get translation from the German talks to English, but can not promise this feature.
An English panel will take place, which will be spoken full time in English.