Einat Ran

einat-150Yoga teacher, natural artist, tribal fusion bellydancer and a traveler. Grduated B.A in economics and M.B.A in marketing. Einat has been a practitioner of yoga for the past 10 years; finding her calling in Vini (Vinyasa) Yoga in the tradition of TKV Dasikachar, the son and heir of Krishnamacharia. Completed teacher training in Wingate institute, Israel and undertook intensive training at the KYM School in Chennai, India. Einat travels the world for the last years teaching Yoga and Dance classes, workshops and retreats internationally.

Topic : Mother Ayahuasca and me- a personal encounter with the sacred medicine

In this talk I will share my own personal and intimate experiences I had with the medicine. How the spiritual wisdom such as Yoga philosophy and Buddhism philosophy combined with many years of practice helped me navigating in this astral journey.

One thing I can say…Ayahuhasca, Is not what I heard, thought or even imagine.

Einat will give a Vini Yoga class- A gentle practice combines breath and movement, that helps to bring awareness and peace to the body and mind.

Einat will give a Tribal fusion bellydance performance followed by a workshop. Tribal fusion bellydance is a Powerful and hypnotizing fusion of belly dance, flamenco and Indian dance, playing with different dimensions of time and space. This dance is a prayer to the divine feminine within and without.






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