Dr Jochen Gartz

jochen-gartz-150Born in 1953, in Mansfeld, he studied chemistry in Merseburg and worked as a research assistant in the university. Later, he started researching in the field of synthesis and analysis of medical drugs and, in the early 80s, inspired by several unintentional psychotropic intoxication in the Berlin area, he began the study of substances produced by higher fungi. Gartz has published over 100 articles on the biochemistry and mycology of various types of fungi in journals including “Medica Planta”, “Tintling”, “Entheogens Leaves”, “The Journal of Mycology”, and he is author of many books, such as: “Fools sponges”, “Salvia divinorum – the divination sage”, “Magic mushrooms around the world”, “Teonanacatl: a bibliography entheogenic of fungi “,” Hallucinogens in ‘socialism’”,  “Hallucinogens in historical scriptures”, ”Psychoactive mushrooms“, ”Magic mushrooms“, among others. His extensive work and publications make Dr Gartz one of the key researchers in the field of natural hallucinogens.

Topic 2016:  “Psychedelika – a résumé”

In the last few decades, more and more awareness has been brought to psychedelica (entheogens). This talk will offer a résumé of the past, as well as an outlook for future developments in the field of entheogens. It will include the topic of botanical resources, the endless discussion of synthetic versus “natural” substances, medical insights and experiences of “free use”. This talk will also cover categories such as psychosis, dream, mediation and esotericism, all of these pointing to the uniqueness of induced experience.