Dave King

dave.king-150is a co-founder and director of Breaking Convention and the UKC Psychedelics Society, and a co-editor of the two Breaking Convention anthologies. He organised the Shulgin Blotter Art Fundraiser in 2011, which raised $21,000 for the Shulgins’ medical bills, and represented the Beckley Foundation at the House of Lords later that year. Since 2012, he has worked as a researcher in human immunology at the National University of Singapore.

This paper explores the concepts of ‘consciousness expansion/contraction’ and ‘domains of awareness’, in an attempt to understand some of the commonalities between psychedelic experiences and to explain the huge range of applications. The paper holds that psychedelic consciousness may permit migration of ordinarily non-conscious material into the remit of conscious attention, and that this results in a ‘choice-enabling state’, or epilogenesis, especially in cases where the material that is made conscious is pertinent to a problematic behavioural or psychological process.