Caroline Dostal

caroline-dostal-150Dr. jur. Caroline Dostal, born 1972, is a naturopath for psychotherapy. She and her partner Jens Kunik where initiated into traditional healing arts of the Shipibo people in the Amazon basin of Peru and introduced to the process of leading Ayahuasca ceremonies by master shamans (curanderos).

She is a reiki teacher and a mediator, and has developed SoulReading with Jens Kunik. Soul Reading is a process that uses Soul Cards (SoulKarten) as a way to access the inner world and make it tangible. In the context of her spiritual and ritual-based psychotherapy she offers one-to-one work and retreats in Germany and Peru.

Together with her friend Maestro Pepe, curandero of the Shipibo people and spiritual head of his village, Caroline Dostal Jens Kunik offer SoulReading retreats in the Peruvian rainforest.

Topic 2016: What makes a good Ayahuasca experience?

Workshop: One night in the maloka – the shaman and Ayahuasca
We come together in a healing circle in order to get a sense of a nightly shamanic healing ceremony.

Working with the medicine Ayahuasca entails much more than ingesting a certain plant extract for healing. The experience is not easily described in words, which is why we want to create an opportunity for you to feel and experience it for yourselves. We will give water which is blessed with healing sounds by Jens Kunik, there will be holy smoke (Mapacho) and we will sing Icaros – healing songs of the Shipibo, which are sung by the Curandero for specific healing purposes of the ones receiving them.  

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