Maria Papaspyrou

maria-papaspyrou-150Maria Papaspyrou is from Greece, living and working in the UK. She is a BACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. Maria has been working in the UK as a therapist for over 10 years, in the fields of mental health and education, alongside her private practice. Entheogens and Healing have been major reference points of interest for many years. In Psychedelic Science the two are able to join and she explores the sacramental and healing properties of entheogens and how these can foster development and the growth of human tacit potential.
Topic 2014:
Femtheogenic Consciousness refers to the deep sources of wisdom that are held within the archetypal feminine and entheogenic journeys. This talk explores the links between the essence and the suppression of these two life forces and how their teachings can support the healing of our current individual and collective crisis. Our estrangement from Femtheogenic Consciousness has severed our links with ourselves, each other, and what we once knew as the World Soul, The Anima Mundi. What does it mean to reclaim these links and how can they inform our current political, economic, spiritual, and social systems?