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is a open-source platform organising conferences and network-meetings for the psychedelic subculture. Since 2003, these congresses are the largest forum of the Psychedelic Community in the German-speaking world. They take place every 2 years in Berlin – Germany.
Valuable news from neuroscience and psychology to politics and art are shared to evaluate the possibillities of a free, legal and beneficial handling of entheogenic substances. The adjective entheogen is composed of the Greek terms (en = in), (theos = god) and (genesthai = to cause). The term was coined by Gordon Wasson and Jonathan Ott et al. Lots of the problems that western society faces are due to a loss of connection. Entheogens can catalyze a reconnection and by that stimulate helpful and beneficial insights.



next entheo-science 2019

next Entheo-Science :

date:   12. – 15. 9. 2019

place:  Berlin, Essentis


The European Ibogaine Forum took place in Vienna from September 8-10. The conference brought together some of the leading researchers in the science and therapeutic use of Ibogaine. The forum aimed to raise awareness of the beneficial properties of this unique plant-derived medicine in Europe, to stimulate further research interest, support advocacy in different contexts as well as discuss the use of ibogaine as a therapy for addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, as well as a catalyst for spiritual development.

The forum had the goal of making this sacred tool better known, safer as well as more sustainably and ethically sourced. We invited a wide range of speakers and guests from a variety of backgrounds in order to stimulate a rich dialogue about ibogaine.

The forum was a non-profit event organised by a small team of volunteers. The conference took place at the Am Spiegeln Dialog Hotel – a tranquil setting to the south of the city centre.

Entheo 2016




a line up of competence and knowledge

Meet up with leading heads of the psychedelic community

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The lineup will be published in January 2019

thanks to all the speakers of the IBOGAINE FORUM 2017 !

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the topics of the entheo-science conference

Topics of the of the coming congress will be published in January 2019







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