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thanks to our  320  guests and 44 speakers !
September 2018 we will be back !


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+++ most of the talks are in German – in 2016 we was focusing an our large German community. The talks in english are :
Luc Sala: The future of psychedelics
James W. Jesso: The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin
Levente Móró: Voice of the psychonauts







The adjective “entheogen” is composed of the Greek terms (s = in), (theos = God) and (genesthai = cause). The term entheogen was coined by Gordon Wasson in 1970 and describes substances with hallucinogenic properties that can be used in a spiritual context. A cultural study of Felicitas Goodman and Erika Bourguignon showed that 437 out of 488 societies have access to culturally shaped ways to experience altered states of consciousness. The Entheo Science congress addresses topics related to mind-altering plants and substances.

call-for-papers-150Abstract submissions ARE NOW CLOSED
Additional information about the application procedure is available here for speakers.  If you want to stay updated about confirmed speakers, ticket availability, and other information, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. Please, help spread the word by forwarding this information to those who are interested, sharing the event on facebook, twitter or any other way to get your colleagues and friends involved.

Women wanted!
We know that there are just as many creative, pioneering women as men out there. For a diverse and gender-balanced conference, we’d like to invite more women on board. If you feel you’ve got something to contribute, or know someone who could, please get in touch!

Essentis Hotel
3 seminar rooms in the size 60-240 m2. The vegan cuisine of the restaurant is 100% organic and comes from suppliers from the region.
Essentis has a private dock on the river Spree.
Weiskopffstrasse 16, 12459, Berlin

Essentis is half an hour away from the center of Berlin. They offer more than 60 comfortable rooms, as well as five conference rooms in the size 34-240 m2. Their sauna has a direct exit to the Spree. Pamper yourself in our vegan restaurant with culinary conservatory. Essentis also has a private dock on the river Spree. >>more

70,- € pre-sale  /  80,-€ at boxoffice
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For students, we offer 50 tickets for conference & catering with a 50% discountATTENTION! Due to the limited amount of discounted tickets, please be quick and ask by email for this discount.
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Program :

The final program is released 4 weeks before the beginning of the conference. You can see the preview
>>> here.

Anyone who is engaged in exploration and research of entheogens and has conducted research around this topic has the opportunity to network at the conference. So feel free to get in touch!

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Brief history of Entheo-Science

Between 2003 and 2007, four conferences with the title Entheovision took place. Entheovision, as it stood back then, came to an end in 2010. In 2012 the Entheo-Science conference was born, which takes place every 2 years in Berlin.

The settlement of the income and expenditure of the 2014’s congress is ready and available for consultation. Hundreds of volunteers worked for hours. The income fell to 100% in material costs, travel expenses and lecture honoraria. Transparency and non-profit orientation are important to us.
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The Entheo science is an open project – we welcome people who want to get involved. We are looking for people who are willing to support our PR on facebook, distribute flyers, and people who have video recording equipment and experience. We look forward to hearing from you!